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Nuclear Winter: Are the Global Financial Powers Pushing for War?


Elite Seeks War While EU Boosts Terrorism in Europe
by Donovan Kirsten
Quemado Institute
December 1, 2015

Paris, November 15, 2015 (cnnphilippines.com)
Eiffel Tower, Paris, Nov 15, 2015 (cnnphilippines.com)

European leaders are luring in terrorists into their midst apparently in a lead-up to the next major war—a war designed by the fiscal architects of the global financial elite. This might be a swift kick to spur the debt-stalled economy. Hot on the heels of the Paris attacks, in which Muslim extremists—at least one a Syrian “refugee”—killed 130 innocent people, EU bureaucrats continue to welcome unvetted Islamic migrants, some of them ISIS sympathizers and candidate terrorists themselves.


As political analyst Andrew Korybko says in his recent article Paris Analysis: Shattered Assumptions and Foreboding Conclusions [Sputnik, November 19, 2015]:

“Many voices from the Balkans and countless EU-based cautionaries warned that some of the ‘refugees’ weren’t who they claimed to be, pointing to their own anecdotal evidence as well as ISIL’s open declaration that they’ll infiltrate thousands of terrorists within the ‘refugee’ ranks. Regretfully, as vocal and credible as these warnings were, they were totally ignored by the extreme liberal-progressive ideologues that dominate the EU. They refused to listen to the ‘political blasphemy’ that alleged that some of the ‘refugees’ could be cold-blooded terrorists, but lo and behold, they were lethally mistaken and their religiously abided-by assumptions have been disproven to the highest degree possible. The synchronized nature of the Friday The 13th attacks and the targeting of two prior-scheduled and culturally symbolic events at the Stade de France and Bataclan strongly indicate that this wasn’t spur-of-the-moment terrorism. Ahmad Almohammad, the “refugee”-posing terrorist that is thought to have arrived in France around mid-October, was probably just a foot soldier that was recruited to help carry out the pre-planned attack. Continuing with this logic, it seems as though French-based terrorists … had organized the whole thing, and that they were in constant communication with their Mideast counterparts and were thus able to request additional terrorist support as needed. […] There’s no way to tell how many of the over 750,000 “refugees” that entered Europe this year were actually terrorists, but it’s unrealistic that the Paris attackers were the only ones. Even assuming a conservative estimate of 1%, then that’s 7,500 terrorists, and seeing what carnage only 7 of them could do in Paris, it’s frightening to imagine the chaos that over a thousand times more of such scum could unleash all across the continent.”

slavdec1yAs clear and present as the dangers of Mideast terrorists are, to oppose this suicidal migrant influx is to invite being accused of “racism”, a weaponized term quick out the mouths of our youth, and an accusation exploited by the elite-run media to crush the voice of dissent. Indeed, any effective plan to reduce racial conflict is termed “racist” by the brainwashed public, especially by the gullible young who do not know the meaning of rational thought. Even educated news platforms such as Strategic Culture Foundation decry plans for European migrant reduction, so mesmerized are they by the elite’s ultra-liberal barrage, a primary media tool of the warmoguls.

Racial tension is a crisis now pushing the world toward war, yet the topic of race is taboo at a time we most need to discuss it. Media brainwashing prohibits us from examining racial-sectarian patterns, a kind of mental paralysis that keeps us from challenging the elite. Mind control means defining the road. The media establish the edges of the road, while we follow the center. We therefore believe we’re making a balanced choice. People imagine they’re not subject to media influence, but this is a deception. Nearly everyone marches to the same drum. Analysis of racial patterns is the road’s edge we’re forbidden to cross.

Jean-Claude Juncker, Donald Tusk
Jean-Claude Juncker, Donald Tusk
Not only are hundreds of thousands of migrants greeted with bleeding hearts and open arms, the bigshot EU puppet officials are now making plans for Turkey’s full membership in the European Union—despite, or perhaps because of, the fact that Turkey is an ISIS ally—meaning that along with innocent citizens, Turkey’s jihadist sympathizers will freely roam the European continent. Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk are now promoting just such an agreement with Turkey, a slap in the face of Russia, a clear provocation, and an open invitation to world war. According to a Sputnik article entitled EU May Introduce Visa-Free Regime With Turkey in Autumn 2016 (November 30, 2015):

“The European Union will introduce a visa-free regime with Turkey in autumn 2016, in case Ankara meets all outstanding requirements, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said Sunday…. Earlier, President of the European Council Donald Tusk stated that the European Union and Turkey at a meeting in Brussels on Sunday approved a joint plan to boost negotiations on its membership in the bloc. ‘If all conditions are met, I think that visa liberalization could take effect in the autumn of 2016,’ Juncker told reporters after an EU-Turkey meeting in Brussels.”

Yet Turkey is a proven ISIS ally. After all, it was a Turkish F-16 that downed the Russian fighter as if flew through Syrian airspace en route to striking ISIS terrorists, the professed enemies of the duplicitous West. And it was Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who said his air force would do it again, claiming the shootdown was conducted in defense of a legitimate Islamic cause.

Bilal Erdogan, son of Turkey’s President, having lunch with ISIS leaders.
Turkey’s Bilal Erdogan has lunch with ISIS leaders.
Legitimate? Only to an ISIS ally. Which proves Erdogan’s links to Islamic terrorists. Worse still, he and his son Bilal, chum of jihadist leaders, are known to be buying elicit Iraqi oil from ISIS and offering it at $20 a barrel to Western customers, who sell it at twice the price.

Such corrupt deals are described the Novorossia.su article SU-24 Shootdown Planned: Erdogan Supports Islamic State – Opinion by Alex Zot’ev (November 25, 2015), and also the Sputnik report Iraqi Politician Claims Turkey Lets ISIL Sell Oil for Meager $20 a Barrel (November 28, 2015).

So Erdogan, a terrorist ally, reaps kudos from the EU bigshots, while Turkey’s crimes fold nicely into the elite schemes of war. These money tyrants pick killer regimes to award with recognition, first the Kiev nazis, and now the Ankara jihadists. Why? Because killers fuel tension, and tension ignites conflict. The perversity of this points to one motive on the part of the financial elite: setting the stage for a major global war.

A two-pronged Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin partnership would bring a swift end to these apocolyptic schemes promoted by the corporate powers. Hence the media tries to damage Trump’s US presidential run with a barrage of false allegations, racism at the top of the list, while it vilifies Putin with trumped-up lies.

Donald Trump (--pforadio.com)
Donald Trump (–pforadio.com)
Even Sputnik News is a tool of the elite, though not to the extent of Western sources. The quasi pro-Russian news platform downplays Donald Trump’s qualifications rather than emphasizing his willingness  to work as a partner with Putin. In the the Sputnik article Next US President ‘Will Confront Russia Energetically’ (November 29, 2015) front-runner Trump is allotted one short paragraph, while the other candidates are emphasized. And Sputnik articles devoted to Trump are often demeaning.

The Sputnik report entitled Trump Campaign Accuses US Media of Suppressing 9/11 Footage (November 26, 2015) unfairly alleges, “Billionaire Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is doubling down on their outrageous claims that ‘thousands’ of Muslims in Jersey City were seen on television celebrating the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. They are now flat-out accusing the media of a conspiracy.” No matter how many Muslims celebrated in Jersey City, what Trumps says is in essence correct. And of course he is right that the media, 90% owned by six corporations, are guilty of conspiracy: they tacitly agree to print the same lies. That Sputnik denies this points to its own complicity. If Sputnik were sincere about promoting Russia’s welfare, it would cast Trump’s presidential run in a positive light.

Sputnik also prints a disclaimer about Andrew Karybko’s editorial quoted earlier, saying: The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik. And of course, Sputnik never fails to qualify the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics as “unrecognized” or “self-proclaimed”, in keeping with the interests of the global financial powers.

Meanwhile, the Western media vilify Trump with accusations of “racism” for mentioning Muslims who applauded 9/11, despite that his words are relevant to a discussion of world peace. It was, after all, Muslim extremists who carried out 9/11. Why would their brothers not applaud? He invites his critics to check FBI records. But of course records mean nothing to our miseducated youth, who do not accept reality unless they see it on TV.

The elite are pushing for major war as a means to reset the economy. Initially, they sought to provoke armed conflict with Russia by staging a coup in post-Soviet Ukraine. Putin did not take the bait, He resisted US and EU provocation at the cost of thousands of civilian lives, lost due to the Ukrainian Army shelling of Russia’s historical Donbass. Yet the subsequent crisis failed to spark an all-out East-West war, forcing the elite to seek another avenue of conflict.

Some political analysts, including The Saker, Boris Rozhin and Rostislav Ischenko, contend the United States carried out this provocation to preserve its waning hegemony. It was not the US per se, however, but the global financial elite, which works to some degree through all Western governments. The US government is simply the most prominent, hence their confusion.

The elite do not want a war with China. Even to their sick demented minds, the vision of 1.3 billion Hans occupying North America is repugnant. Yet they need a foe who is powerful, and Russia is the optimal choice.

Having failed to achieve war through the Ukraine crisis, the powers that be stepped up the conflict with ISIS. Unfortunately, in this case, Putin did take the bait. He is now mired in a heated war and getting more deeply involved all the time. He can’t back out without risk to Russian security, and the end of ISIS is taking longer than expected.

No matter the loss of the Ukraine prospect, to the power elite, a war in Syria will work just as well for their purpose of fueling a global conflagration. The West can retaliate as easily in Syria by staging false flags and fueling public fervor.

Toward the Sun by Leonid Afremov (--pinterest)
Toward the Sun-Leonid Afremov (-pinterest)

Like an impressionist painting in which seemingly random brush strokes form a picture when viewed from afar, we can see the picture in the migrant crisis, the ISIS-executed Paris attacks, the bombing in Egypt of the Russian passenger airliner, the fascist-backed power failure in Crimea, and Turkey’s shootdown of the Russian SU-24. All these incidents are being exploited to maximize tension and set the stage for a global war.

The puppet US and their European allies, at the behest of the global powers, created the very ISIS that attacked the people in Paris. Yet Turkey and the West are buying illicit ISIS oil. This may comprise as much as 5% of world consumption, enough to depress prices and exacerbate the current glut, in which hundreds of oil tankers are backed up in the Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile, US gasoline prices have fallen below $2.00 a gallon.

Turkey buys ISIS oil, Erdogan and his son have ties to the Islamic State, the ISIS terrorists claim credit for killing 130 in Paris, and at least one of the suicide bombers was a Muslim migrant. So how can we explain the fact that the EU continues to welcome migrants, and that Juncker and Tusk want to open the borders with Turkey? Unless they are trying to boost terrorism in Europe to instigate a major war—a war intended to stimulate an economy ridden with debt, incurred due to their own corrupt banking policies.

The tragedy of their ignorance is, global war will not alleviate economic stagnation. Pakistan would no doubt side with the Islamic State, allowing terrorists access to their nuclear arsenal. If today’s trends in American policy continue, the US might also funnel nuclear weapons to ISIS. And the terrorists would not hesitate to use them. Russia, aligned with China, would be forced to counter with nuclear missiles, making escalation inevitable.

Those who perish from nuclear war are not just the people directly attacked. A major exchange between superpowers would result in nuclear winter, in which stratospheric smoke would block 70% of the sunlight across the northern hemisphere. Crops would cease to grow, and starvation would decimate most of the human population as well as that of most living creatures. Civilization as we know it would come to an end.

I post Steven Starr’s article describing nuclear winter:

Nuclear War, Nuclear Winter, and Human Extinction

by Steven Starr
Federation of American Scientists
October 14, 2015

70% of sunlight blocked by stratospheric smoke layer following nuclear war
70% of sunlight blocked by stratospheric smoke  (–FAS)
While it is impossible to precisely predict all the human impacts that would result from a nuclear winter, it is relatively simple to predict those which would be most profound. That is, a nuclear winter would cause most humans and large animals to die from nuclear famine in a mass extinction event similar to the one that wiped out the dinosaurs.

Following the detonation (in conflict) of US and/or Russian launch-ready strategic nuclear weapons, nuclear firestorms would burn simultaneously over a total land surface area of many thousands or tens of thousands of square miles. These mass fires, many of which would rage over large cities and industrial areas, would release many tens of millions of tons of black carbon soot and smoke (up to 180 million tons, according to peer-reviewed studies), which would rise rapidly above cloud level and into the stratosphere. [For an explanation of the calculation of smoke emissions, see Atmospheric effects & societal consequences of regional scale nuclear conflicts.]

The scientists who completed the most recent peer-reviewed studies on nuclear winter discovered that the sunlight would heat the smoke, producing a self-lofting effect that would not only aid the rise of the smoke into the stratosphere (above cloud level, where it could not be rained out), but act to keep the smoke in the stratosphere for 10 years or more. The longevity of the smoke layer would act to greatly increase the severity of its effects upon the biosphere.

Once in the stratosphere, the smoke (predicted to be produced by a range of strategic nuclear wars) would rapidly engulf the Earth and form a dense stratospheric smoke layer. The smoke from a war fought with strategic nuclear weapons would quickly prevent up to 70% of sunlight from reaching the surface of the Northern Hemisphere and 35% of sunlight from reaching the surface of the Southern Hemisphere. Such an enormous loss of warming sunlight would produce Ice Age weather conditions on Earth in a matter of weeks. For a period of 1-3 years following the war, temperatures would fall below freezing every day in the central agricultural zones of North America and Eurasia. [For an explanation of nuclear winter, see Nuclear winter revisited with a modern climate model and current nuclear arsenals: Still catastrophic consequences.]
Nuclear winter would cause average global surface temperatures to become colder than they were at the height of the last Ice Age. Such extreme cold would eliminate growing seasons for many years, probably for a decade or longer. Can you imagine a winter that lasts for ten years?

The results of such a scenario are obvious. Temperatures would be much too cold to grow food, and they would remain this way long enough to cause most humans and animals to starve to death.

Global nuclear famine would ensue in a setting in which the infrastructure of the combatant nations has been totally destroyed, resulting in massive amounts of chemical and radioactive toxins being released into the biosphere. We don’t need a sophisticated study to tell us that no food and Ice Age temperatures for a decade would kill most people and animals on the planet.  Would the few remaining survivors be able to survive in a radioactive, toxic environment?

It is, of course, debatable whether or not nuclear winter could cause human extinction. There is essentially no way to truly “know” without fighting a strategic nuclear war. Yet while it is crucial that we all understand the mortal peril that we face, it is not necessary to engage in an unwinnable academic debate as to whether any humans will survive.

What is of the utmost importance is that this entire subject –the catastrophic environmental consequences of nuclear war – has been effectively dropped from the global discussion of nuclear weaponry. The focus is instead upon “nuclear terrorism”, a subject that fits official narratives and centers upon the danger of one nuclear weapon being detonated – yet the scientifically predicted consequences of nuclear war are never publically acknowledged or discussed.

Why has the existential threat of nuclear war been effectively omitted from public debate? Perhaps the leaders of the nuclear weapon states do not want the public to understand that their nuclear arsenals represent a self-destruct mechanism for the human race?  Such an understanding could lead to a demand that nuclear weapons be banned and abolished.

Consequently, the nuclear weapon states continue to maintain and modernize their nuclear arsenals, as their leaders remain silent about the ultimate threat that nuclear war poses to the human species.

Steven Starr is the director of the University of Missouri’s Clinical Laboratory Science Program, as well as a senior scientist at the Physicians for Social Responsibility. He has been published in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and the Strategic Arms Reduction (STAR) website of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology; he also maintains the website Nuclear Darkness. Starr also teaches a class on the Environmental, Health and Social Effects of nuclear weapons at the University of Missouri.

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